When I was a kid I was taught to juggle in PE class.  I was handed three balls with the intention of keeping them all in the air at the same time.  I started moving one ball from one hand to the other as I tossed the third up and over, making a circular movement.  I was juggling, but not with any real skill. 

How often do we find ourselves like that in the work place?  The more responsibility we gain in our position, the more balls we find ourselves attempting to juggle.  Finding a rhythm is a challenge for anyone.  Sometimes, the strongest move we can make is knowing when to toss a ball off to someone waiting in the wings—no one person can do it all and we only have two hands.  At the BOW Group, we like to consider ourselves your “wing” man.  We work in collaboration with our clients to create a strategic plan for balance, success and ultimately growth. Time is not an endless commodity in the business world, and working on budget, managing your client expectations, and leading a team frequently draws the focus away from working on the future.  Today’s priorities are important, but simultaneously, there is a need to work on the sustainability of your firm.  Even the most experienced jugglers are bound to drop a ball here and there, and more often than not it’s the business development and marketing ball.   

Success in business is balance.  Consider what balls you are currently dropping.  Is it a client you keep meaning to have a lunch with?  Is it the proposal you want to develop and just can’t figure out how to broaden your marketing strengths?  Haven’t had time to get a company page started on the ever increasing use of Social Media?  We hear these things a lot.  It’s understandable, business is time consuming and there are never enough days in a week to get all we want to get done completed.  When a company has a good foundation, operations, and leadership; adding a good marketer and/or business developer will help sustain a company and increase profit.  Consider calling in for back up.  The BOW Group is in the business of building business.  Let us help, we can provide your balance.

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.